Sabah Al Dar  Abu Dhabi TV
A captivating two-hour magazine show / morning show, technically managed by Toki Solutions and produced by Pyramedia for Abu Dhabi Media and casts Live 5 days a week on Abu Dhabi TV.

Sabah Al Dar is a blend of lifestyles, social issues and news related infotainment. One of the most popular shows in the UAE, it is also a source of information on the weather, traffic, important announcements and a guide to events and activities in the Emirates. Still on air,

Project management in film and video production offers valuable insights into one of the most demanding and ever-changing project-based industries, which forces project managers to think outside the box.

We came on-board prior to the TV production ever existed and started the pre-discussion with the end-client and stakeholders to shape up the contracts and in parallel see the set design and set builders work in accordance with what is going on with the discussions between the stakeholders and the end-client and seek approvals to initiate the relocation of resources and technical readiness of the production venue or production studio is fit for purpose to accommodate a year-long demanding production that will take place and think of all the possibilities that the production team might need or require during that year.

Responsible for daily key client communication in identifying and accomplishing goals.
Lead and initiate discovery and planning of client engagements including requirements gathering, scoping, budgeting and scheduling, develop key scope documents.
Lead and identify synergies between creative design and technical implementation and control project budgets, timelines and resource allocations.
Project Management
Technical Management

“Our project management’s job in this project is to make sure everyone else’s lives are the most organized they can possibly be so that they can be efficient with their time” . Essentially, we are there to oversee, plan, and make sure the project is executed successfully—and keep everything under control during each stage.

A project manager’s role and day to day schedule can vary considerably depending on the industry, company, and specific project.

• Initiating
• Planning
• Executing
• Monitoring and controlling
• Closing

Paul Hennessy

Tarek understands the Broadcast Business. In doing so, he brings with him a unique set of experiences based on both sides from supplier to operation within a TV Station. Tarek is someone I trust and listen to and he does what is best for the customer. He takes his own initiatives and gets the job done.

Robert St-Jacques
Head of HR

I had the pleasure of working with Tarek for almost 2 years. I found him to be an effective manager on both the process and people side of the business – a rarity in many organisations. From recruiting to employee relations, Tarek intuitively understood the impact of positive and pro-active people management. In short, he was a great business partner, admired and respected by his employees, while delivering great results.

Director, MEA

I have known Tarek for many years and I have always found him to be a highly professional person with a lot of creative problem solving capabilities. He is a true team player with a very pleasant personality. Tarek is energetic, reliable and goal oriented and I am happy to give him my highest recommendation.

FOX Networks Group ASIA
Director| Linear & Non-Linear Broadcast and Distribution

I worked with Tarek for two years, I still remember my old days when Fox International just migrated from Cairo & I had joined FIC. I will take this opportunity to thanks for your help on my every walk. Tarek technical skills are impeccable.

He is also fun to be around. When deadlines loom, tension can build. But Tarek always knew how to add levity to the situation, cracking jokes to relieve stress and keep the team on task. With his take-charge attitude, inclusive approach and strong grasp of industry concepts, Tarek is an asset to any organization. He is knowledgeable and expert in his domain ,& most important a down to earth personality.

Pyramedia Media Productions & Consulting

Tarek worked with me more than once in different capacities and in each time he proved to be a great asset and a reliable professional.I highly recommend Tarek for future positions

Jurriaan Wittenberg
Senior Consultant

Tarek always tries to keep the overview by listening to his co-workers. With his professional experience in both Europe and the Arabic world he manages to remain fresh with ideas and concepts whenever that is required of him.

Samy Keghida
Red Bee Media
Former Managing Director

Tarek was an extraordinary accelerator in the Business Development of GIT Middle East. Alongwith Richard Nicholls he raised the company among the top middleware and program provider at a worldwide rank! As a COO of many Regional Television Operators he is showing excellent technical, engineering, consulting, management skills!

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