Add personality to your tweets with attractive and properly sized photos and graphics
Header Photo1500 x 500 px
Profile Photo400 x 400 px
Twitter Post1024 x 512 px
Cards Image800 x 320 px
Summary Card Image280 x 150 px

While Twitter might ask its users to limit their character counts to 280, this social platform is still very popular, garnering 330 million monthly active users. Businesses, in particular, find it a useful communication and customer service tool thanks to its real-time interaction. And while most might not immediately think of it as a visual platform, Twitter does allow its users to post and share images on their feed and for their profiles.

Profile photo

Make sure your followers recognize you as the owner of your Twitter account by uploading your own picture as your profile photo. Businesses would find it best to use their own logos. Twitter will display your profile photo as 200 x 200 pixels square image. However, it is recommended to upload a 400 x 400 pixels image for better quality.

Image Post

Twitter now allows its users to attach media such as photos, GIFs, and videos. Twitter allows you to add up to four photos at a time. Images are displayed at 1024 x 512 pixels and have a maximum file size of 5 MB.

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